Boost your super and secure your future

Your superannuation will be one of your largest assets in retirement, but how much do you know about your current superfund?

Super can be a complex area, so most people simply have the default fund that their employer gave them when they started work. It may not be right for you and what you need to create your ideal future.

We often hear the questions:  “Am I in the right super fund?”, “Will my super be enough to retire on?”, “How can I boost my super balance?”.

Even if you’re a far off from retirement, it’s so important that you seek professional & personal advice as early as possible, to ensure your super is really working for you.

If you’re nearing retirement, we provide recommendations to ensure your super is invested appropriately to provide your desired level of income in retirement.

Our specialist Superannuation advice includes:

  • Ensuring your super is invested appropriately for your retirement goals
  • Superannuation consolidation, to reduce fees and improve control of your super
  • Ensure you have competitive investment options that are great performers
  • Advice on whether your current personal insurance is the most suitable for you.
  • Using smart super strategies for tax free income in retirement
  • Boosting your super: Advice around salary sacrifice, after tax contributions, and other strategies that help boost your retirement savings.
  • SMSF: Help you decide if a Self Managed Super fund is suitable for you or not.

Super is the most tax effective way to build your wealth and generate income for retirement, so it’s vital to make the most of it.

While Super is undeniably a complex area, we ensure you have a clear understanding of your investment and we keep everything transparent.

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