6 Unhealthy Financial Habits That Are Keeping You In Debt

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Listening to people’s financial problems is part of my role as a Financial Planner. No matter what the circumstances, debt certainly plays a big role in everyone’s situation. Australia is fast becoming the nation with the highest household debt. And many have more debt than they can pay off.  Unfortunately, most of us are only paying the bare minimum, which [...]

3 ways to save for your children’s education

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If you’re a parent then you probably know that the cost of education is increasing every year, with some schools charging up to $20,000 a year. Now add the cost of uniforms, activities, and equipment, and you’ve got enough to buy a decent small car.  The key is to start a savings plan when they’re young.  Most parents know the [...]

Will your financial planner be around in 5 years?

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Will your financial planner be around when you retire? Did you know that the financial adviser’s industry has recently had a huge shake-up? What this means for you is that your adviser could be one of the 30% planning to retire or change careers. That means you could be left stranded and scrambling to find a new financial planner very [...]

How to turbo charge your Super (and retire early!)

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How to turbo-charge your super Whenever I meet a new client and we talk about their future, I often hear the words, "I don't know much about Super". For most people, super will be one of your largest assets during retirement, and will be the main source of your income in your golden years! In today’s post, I thought I'd [...]

The financial ‘difference’​ for women

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The financial 'difference'​ for women Women and financial empowerment… we have come so far in recent decades, but still have a long way to go. In today's article, I talk about the common areas women lag in financially, and I explain how you can close your retirement income gap. The main issues Gender pay gap. Men on average are [...]

9 common mistakes women make during divorce

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9 Common Mistakes Women Make in a Divorce  July 7, 2019      |     Tamara Gillman Nobody gets married with the intention of getting divorced. However, according to the statistics at least 50% of marriages will end in divorce. Divorce is not only stressful, but the effects can also be financially devastating. In this post I want to [...]

My Story

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Why I Became a Financial Planner  July 5, 2019      |     Tamara Gillman I was six years old when my parents divorced. Mum found herself financially devastated with a daughter to raise. She had to start from scratch with very little.  Her bravery at that time is a constant source of inspiration to me. She took every-last [...]

The Magic of Compounding Interest

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The Magic of Compounding Interest  March 24, 2019      |     Tamara Gillman “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…He who doesn’t…pays it. Compounding interest is the most powerful force in the universe” - Albert Einstein You may have heard this quote before (probably from me). It is a quote I often used to [...]

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